It is just not a photograph ! it is the story of the couple and their journey told in a Creative manner.-V.V.Ramana(THE HINDU 2014 Edition)

When professional photography was still breaking new ground in Southern India, Ramana took his expertise and equipment into the action to share a story with the world.
Even though he had interest in photography he doesn’t have the enough technical Knowledge. So, he hired an experienced Photographer along with a team of six other members, Villart came into existence in 1996. Villa is the Surname and art is the suffix.

He has worked with global clients right from wedding photography to fashion assignments to innumerable portraits and describes his job as creating a memorable visual experience for his clients. Mr. Ramana always believes process of learning is unending. Everyday he spends 2 hours to learn new technology and software. He is very passionate to bring something new in his photography.

Mr. V V Ramana, Managing Director, Villart photography. & The Brand Ambassador for Sony Cameras..

He is a name south India proud of. Popularly known as Villart Ramana, this silver jubilee photographer has built his name and fame purely on his experience and experimentation. His forte being wedding photography besides portraits, portfolios, kids, fashion, Industrial and many other genres of photography.
The popular maxim goes- “Success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through many struggles and defeats”.